Jay’s Gun Shop

Jay’s is a Kitchen table based FFL located in Bristol,  Vermont. I’m proud to announce I have been here for more than 3 years now and recently had to renew my FFL.  I still don’t carry a large inventory on hand at any 1 time. More often I will order several items as I find a good deal on something. I try to stick to firearms that are more budget oriented, but can special order more expensive items if needed. Any items advertised for sale on the site are actually physically here and available. If there is something specific you are looking for I will try to locate it.  I just prefer to advertise things that are actually here that you could come touch or take home today,  rather than what I might be able to get for you.

Advertised prices on any item in stock is the total out the door price including sales tax. Please keep in mind my hours are slightly different than most business’s. I do have a “normal” day job as well. That makes me available mostly nights and weekends. I would have to work to make special arrangements to meet with someone on a Tuesday afternoon. However, it is not unusual for customers to stop by as late as 10pm if I know they are coming. This has worked quite well for people who have trouble with their schedule getting to a store in the 8-5 norm.

Sometimes the website/wordpress does not work well with the comments or send message function. If you leave a comment, but do not hear back that may be the cause. If that happens you can also email me at j_gurney5@comcast.net


If you’re looking for something special, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for it.