Welcome to Jay’s Gun Shop.

Jay’s is a Kitchen table based FFL located in Bristol, Vt. I’ve only been in the business for a year so you may have to bear with me through growing pains.  Here at Jay’s we do not carry a large inventory.  Generally more of a – order 2 or 3 things (although sometimes I get carried away), sell those and try again strategy.  Any items advertised for sale on the site are actually physically here and available. If there is something specific you are looking for I will try to locate it.  I just prefer to advertise things that are actually here that you could come touch or take home today,  rather than what I might be able to get for you.

Additionally, all prices listed for items in stock include sales tax.


  1. Do you still have some of the s&w 38 spl revolver that was on Armslist a couple days ago? Thinking the price was around 280.00 or so?

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